Posting Everyday Is Not An Ideal Business Strategy

business man writing business strategy
business man writing business strategy

Do you want to be a successful blogger? Do you want to learn more about posting? If so, then this article, will guide you how to post and promote your site.

You can create your blog using WordPress or WordPress pro. If you just want to use only the basic blog features, then WordPress is the right choice. You can visit the site to know the methods of speed up your site even better.

The active social presence of your business is essential, and your readers must feel that your blog is interesting, worth to read and popular. Other people who visit your website count number of comments, the number of retweets, likes and endorse you. It is hard to make people subscribe to your site or blog post without social media presence.

You should also understand the drawbacks in daily post. Frequent post or replacing the recent post constantly will decrease the social proof value you receive from each post. If you have the habit of posting daily, then it will display on top of the blog only for that day.

If you post only once in a week, then that post will remain the top post of your blog for the entire week. The post that appears on the top of your blog for a longer period will receive greater exposure. People will interact with the blog post because it is the recent post and very relevant content for a longer period.

There are several other pitfalls in daily posting. For example, daily post kills reader bonding. If you post very often, your subscribers don’t have time to read all your emails. If your subscribers have three unopened email of yours, then there is a high possibility that they will open your latest email and miss all your previous mail. Thus you have large chances of missing the choices of spreading about your work to the world. Likewise, frequent or daily post reduces your subscriber count.

Hope you have understood that posting daily is not productive for your website. Instead, you should plan your post brilliantly. A significant post is mostly a well-planned post. You must frame wonderful content before you start writing. You must choose content that your readers will like to read. You can analyze your previous post in your niche that does well. You must find out the differences in your successful posts.

Once your figure out the differences, you must craft a brilliant content with an attractive headline. Posting the right and quality content in your blog which your readers find it helpful for their life will definitely be the successful post. Even if you post only one content in two months, a brilliant content makes you successful than posting content daily.

Once you posted the content, you must begin networking with few biggest bloggers in your same niche. You should comment their posts and don’t forget to retweets. Sometimes they may respond you for your comments and then share their views about your product/services. These things will be helpful for promoting your product. Invest some time in posting unique and fresh content.