Web Hosting And SEO Ranking

Choosing cheap services does not work all the time, especially when it comes to web hosting. The lifeline of the website is web hosting, and at this, there can be no compromise. No two web service providers are the same. This makes it important to choose the right web host services for your online business. Find useful tips on http://www.bitpak.com/reviews/dreamhost-review/ regarding web hosting and its prominence. Top web hosting sites are listed on www.pcmag.com for your guidance. Web hosting has a great impact on the search engine rankings and hence special care has to be taken to make an educated choice.


How are search engine rankings affected by unprofessional web hosting services?

Location of the server: The search results are prioritized for a particular region where the search originated. Geo-targeting is being used by Google from the beginning to display search results based on the location. Google relies on TLD, and have started making use of IP addresses to identify the location of the website and the server. For instance, if the US is your targeting traffic and your server location is the United Kingdom, then there is a chance your website may be listed on the first page. It is important to study your customer base and place your server there. Having a server where your customers are located gives a high chance of your website being picked up by the search engine.

Server management: Apart from verifying the quality of the server, go a step ahead and consider the management of the server instead of focusing on the physical qualities of server space, bandwidth, etc. Sharing hosting is less compared to dedicated hosted. In a shared server the web hosting service provides disk space that is shared by other companies signed up with them. The server is not exclusive to your business. The bandwidth and the disk space are shared, and hence the performance of the website will depend on how their site performance. In this case, you need to have a total control of the web server for best performance. Though dedicated server is expensive, when it comes to server quality it is the best option.

Page loading speed: A customer will be irked if your page is taking too long to load. There is every chance they may opt out of your website, and your search engine ranking will be compromised. While choosing a hosting company to analyze the strengths and weakness and choose a plan accordingly. Remember that a top ranking web hosting company is not always the ideal choice for your business. Similarly shared hosting comes with lesser loading speed when compared to Cloud Server or VPS.

Downtime issues: Cheap web hosting servers come with downtime issues. The customers will be unable to access your website, and Google spiders and crawlers will not analyze your site. Search engine rankings will be impacted if your web server is down.

Database connectivity: Database connection failure is another factor to consider. Error messages like “internal server error” or “database connection failure” earlier? Then it is time to change your web hosting company. Whenever your site receives high traffic, the server will be unable to manage it, leading to a server crash. This could lead to downtime and compromise your position on the search engine.

2 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Phone System For Business

Business Phone Systems

It is not just communication but effective and efficient communication that is the foundation of every strong business. An essential way to communicate is telephones. In today’s modern world, where firms like Nexgen Australia are providing mind boggling technology when it comes to phone systems, it is arduous to make a choice. www.businessnewsdaily.com has made it easy to pick the final option by researching and analysing tens of business phone systems. One can go to the site and read through the article to know the pros and cons of each system.

But, is it that easy? Can one pick a telecommunication system just by reading about the features it provides? The answer is no. To find a system that meets all the primary functions of a phone system and completes the requirements of a company without any hitches, a few considerations have to be thought over. To find the telephone system that doesn’t need a million employees to keep track of or to maintain, evaluate these two questions.

• What is your capability?
Be it traditional landlines that need a copper wire system or a voice over IP phone system; both require equipment and storage space. Not every business is capable of providing the physical capacity needed. Further, not all companies can afford to either purchase the hardware or create the space needed. If it is landlines phones that you are thinking of using, ask this – do you want the headache of adding more physical phones every time the company expands? Landlines may be extremely stable and reliable, but they are fixed to one physical desk. They are not available on the go.
If it is on-premise VoIP phone system or cloud-based system that you wish to install in the business, then think about the stability of the internet connection. They might be less expensive than installing PBX hardware, but to work flawlessly, they require a good speed internet with a consistent connection. For on-site Voice over Internet Protocol system, a firm needs physical space to host the system on the premise. For a cloud-based system, they should be ready to fork over extra cost.

• What is the location of your employees?
Business is not just made of team members sitting at a desk from 9 to 5. Most employees are either telecommuting at one point or the other. The reasons may vary from work from home to off-site meetings, but remote work is prevalent in most companies. In such a case, a traditional landline phone system is a handicap. Because landlines are landlocked, employees who are working remotely for the day will not have access to it. VoIP and cloud-hosted phone systems provide a simple alternative to this conundrum.

Using a stable internet connection, one can re-route calls to home phone numbers or cell phones. But such systems require excellent IT support, which not all firms are capable of providing. So, no matter which business communication system you decide, pick it wisely. Consider all the capabilities of your business and the needs of it.

How Microsoft Could Improve Your Productivity


MS Office is a top-rated software among professionals and for a good reason. Initially, when you look at the software, you feel nothing much has changed but having a closer look you will see many exciting and productive features. www.pcmag.com reports that Microsoft office is trying to deliver cloud based and mobile based applications and has some promising reviews from business users.

Below are some features that could make your life at work much easier using the office tools.

Simultaneous authoring of documents:

Authoring simultaneously has been a feature that has been there for a long time in Office applications. But now you can do the same in real time. The other aspect is that you can get to know who has worked on the document and also be able to see the changes the other person does. The office apps are on the cloud, that means you can access these files from anywhere the only criteria being you should have the internet. Also, the data center is centrally located, and hence your company files are safe and secure, so you do not have to fret about your files security.


One of the most useful applications in Microsoft Office is OneNote, though most people do not know much about it. OneNote book has a lot of features like images, text, emails, etc. which is a great asset for a team working on a graphical project. This document created by OneNote can be shared across as many people as you want. The software uses are umpteen provided people learn how to use it.

Document sharing:

The exchange of the document is effortless with the software. You can share the documents through the share button, and you can send it to anyone in your contact list. It’s pretty simple way to share documents without attaching large files to email. Previous versions of office needed you to navigate to the location where the document was stored. That option of locating the file is still there, but if it is something that you have worked on recently, then it will get displayed in the list of recent documents which can be shared using the share button in conjunction with outlook.

New charts in Excel

Excel is an excellent way to display data visually, though the previous versions of this app did not have a lot of charts and needed an update. New office 365, has many features and new chart types and new templates which are an excellent way to showcase your business. The new chart types which can be of use to your business is a histogram, sunburst, treemap, etc.

Version control

Office apps come by an extensive version control which helps you to work collaboratively with your team. The version control shows who has worked on the document, last edited date and time apart from the ease of document control. The past versions of the documents are also not deleted but can be viewed under the history option which is a blessing for people who want to refer to previous versions of the documents. Also, due to the use of Microsoft cloud enterprise, you can access the documents from anywhere using the internet