Beginners’ Guide To Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably the most researched term in online marketing. Caseo offers a simple guide to SEO for the beginner to grasp its relevance and application. If you are a beginner then bookmark this page, to gain a better understanding. Here we try to explain what local SEO services attempt to accomplish.

Define SEO: Search engine optimization is the process that aims at improving the visibility of a website or web page by improving its ranking on a search engine’s unpaid results also referred to as organic, earned or natural results. SEO professionals develop strategies from various perspectives to improve the quality of the web page and websites and to gain increased click rate and conversion rates. SEO is usually a part of the overall online marketing strategy and is most effective when synced with social media marketing and content marketing.

Factors that affect search results: When a query is typed into the search box of a search engine, the results pop up real quick and seem effortless, but on the contrary, the search engine employs several factors before coming up with the results to make it most relevant and useful to the query of the person. Google’s algorithms are well-kept secrets and are changed and updated from time to time. While no one knows all the factors that the search engines take into account, there are a few that are quite obvious.

The query: Google might be a woman had become a very common comment owing to its nature of guessing and completing every sentence for you. Google not only tries to guess your query it also tries to understand the nature of your query so as to provide you with the best result in the form of definition, map, image, video or any other relevant content. Search engines are constantly and consistently trying to implement the best strategies to satisfy the person with a query.

Location matters: The search engine also considers the area where the query is sent from. This works to the advantage of local businesses that can maximize their SEO efforts and pop up with their services to related queries within the location. The pages must be optimized for Google places too.

Authorship: Google rewards those that are genuine. This is achieved by Google Authorship that verifies the author of the content through Google+. When the search engine turns up with the search results, it also displays the image of the author beside the result. This helps gain credibility and trust of the audience and encourages them to view content that is “certified” by the search engine as genuine.

Social networks: Search results are even affected by your social circle. Search engines try to bring you reviews, blog posts, pictures and content that has been created by friends and contacts in your social circle.

Shares on social media: The search results are also affected by how many times and from which social network it has been shared. Social sharing plays a part in determining the quality of content by assessing the shares and social signals.

Device used: The search engine determines what device the query has been sent from. Not all web pages and websites are optimized to be friendly on all devices. The search results vary based on the device the query is sent from. For example, when a query is sent from a mobile phone the search engine brings up results of content that is mobile friendly as they will load faster than the other pages.

Tips To Testing A Website Before Launch


Before a website launch it is mandatory to test to make sure that everything works fine. The work is divided between designers, editors, developers, network administrators and SEOs. suggests that some of the things to be consider while testing the website for launch can be divided based on the responsibilities. offers more testing tips.

SEO Team
301 redirects
The most important testing tip for Search Engine Optimization includes the following. When you are at your new site ensure the existing navigation structure is modified to suit the new website. The old URLs have to be mapped to the new ones.

Meta data and Title tags
Every page needs a title tag and they have to be unique. The meta description needs to provide the information helping the user to decide on the website.

Editors and Writer
Spelling and grammar
This is the most important responsibility of editors and writers. Check for spellings, grammar and typos. The complete content and title has to be checked along with buttons, forms, call to actions among others.

Check if the forms are working
Fill out a form with dummy information. The flow of the forms can be improved if needed. Find out if you get stuck in between. Read the instructions again to ensure it is accurate and easy to understand. The completed form has to reach the right person. See what happens when the submit button is clicked.

Verify images
The images have to be to high resolutions even when zoomed. The size of the image on the website should be nominal else it can affect the speed of the website. The images have to be labeled properly with the right title.

The web pages have to be scrutinized with a critical eye. Ask questions about the content, why a page needs to be visited and what does the page have for the audience.

Web Designers
Never compromise on site speed
Ensure the pages load pretty fast. Site speed test by Google can help. A decent speed helps the Google ranking of your website. Follow the improvement suggestions by Google. If you website takes longer to load it can dissuade the user.

Responsive website
With the advent of Smartphones and tablets it has become crucial for websites to make it adaptive to smaller screen size. A responsive design makes your website multi device friendly.

Compatible with browsers
Your website has to be compatible with different browsers. There are sites that can help understand the compatibility of your website. Go ahead and use them.

Site Navigation
If the navigation is not smooth, the user will be caught in a maze. Ensure the journey is smooth for the users. There should be no broken links or pointer to the wrong pages. The site search should yield the desired results. If there are zero results, show the next relevant page.

Web Developers
Test the final URL
The build time URL is different from the final URL. IT is important to check if the final URL works before the launch.

Google Search Console
It keeps the communication channel open when something goes wrong. It monitors the performance of your website.

‘Page not found’ error
When this error occurs it should lead to a customized page helping the visitor to move forward in their quest.

General Computer Protection Strategies to Employ


Along with purchasing applications for anti-hacking and anti virus protection, there are several additional strategies you could use in your computer and as you work your computer to help shield it against intrusion and to protect your information wherever you may select to let it live. Here is a list of some suggestions that can help you.

Raise the privacy settings in your computer. In an upcoming lecture, I show you the best way to upgrade these settings in case you are using Windows 10. See that video too and also be looking to upgrade your privacy settings on older versions of Windows if that’s what you’re running in your computer.

Be cautious opening PDF files you receive from outside sources. Hackers and applications virus creators have in recent times found this to be an effective system for sending out their damage causing payloads.

Viewing emails, do not be interested. Should youn’t understand where an email came from, do not open it. Should you choose to open an email from someone you do not understand and/or that you received in an unsolicited fashion, don’t click on any links located within the email. Executable viruses are occasionally attached to what you believe is only a link to another website.

Computer-Security-SafeIf you’re concerned about the credibility of an e-mail address when you’ve received an email, check it out by looking at the “Details” dropdown you’ll be able to click next to the email name. I’ve occasionally even taken this one step farther by checking out their email domain name address using a domain name supplier to do a “Who’s” search once I am actually wondering about where something came from.

Be mindful of all downloads to your computer. Make sure to understand the source is safe and you’re on a actual webpage belonging to that source when you download the content. Hackers are currently setting up “Imitation” webpages which look like actual companies to entice you in so that they’ll get you through downloads from their websites.

Using the “Cloud” for storage is dangerous – even areas like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. can be hacked. Cloud storage places appear to be prime targets for hackers. These are suitable storage and data back-up places for many so if you need to use them, here are a number of recommendations that could save the secrecy of your content there.

How to Clean and Optimize Your Windows PC/Laptop


Solutions when you may feel that your personal Computer is not running fast, webpages are using long to weight and folder are opening as time passes. Many of these are signals that the Laptop is struggling with a thing that is not common to occur. These items can happen to any new PC as well if it’s been useful for month or two as well. Don’t blame your Computer for this kind of stuff, you can find odds it could have accumulated a great deal of files or trash products that is why it’s getting a lot of time to process your request. This is actually the period to improve your personal Computer.

Remove Needless Applications: them Plans and Head To Control Panel and Features which may appear a listing of presently installed application on your computer. Go through the record tightly and eliminate any plan that you will be no more using. This can also free some diskspace on your hard disk up that one may use to store critical documents.

Disk Cleanup: select Start button look for Disk Cleanup Utility and Accessories subsequently Method Resources. This little software will help to eliminate junk items and temporary internet files from your own PC, this may also free-up some disk space for you.

Improve Startup Items: If your personal Computer is getting a lot of time to start consider reviewing startup items. Type MSCONFIG order, run container to open and visit startup tab. Carefully verify all startup items from being run at startup and eliminate unwanted request.

computer cleanup

Hard Disk Optimization: Click on Start button look for Disk Defragmenter Utility and then Components then Method Resources. This could take a moment to complete enhance your disk drive and to move documents.

Windows Update: your computer is currently checking for brand new changes frequently as well as be sure Windows Improvements are fired up. This can fix nearly all of safety problems on your desktop in addition to could keep your PC uptodate. Your computer must be ready to check for updated one time a week.

Antivirus Scan: it is also being updated with virus definitions regularly and be sure you are utilizing a respected antivirus security. A lot of the good antivirus softwares nowadays have built in Computer Optimizer energy to optimize your personal computer time. You must run the full scan of your computer at least one time weekly.

In case your Laptop is reduced on RAM in addition to the above points you can even boost electronic memory on your own Laptop, this might also influence performance of the computer. You might also consider enhancing windows registries but registry cleaner utility or remember incorrectly editing registry product may cause injuries to OS, if wish to accomplish so consider utilizing a great Laptop optimizer.